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WHAT IS HVLP?Conventional spray guns use a compressor to atomize the coating (Paint). General rule of thumb is that this type of gun puts 1/3 of the coating on the substrate being coated and 2/3 into the air.HVLP Spray Guns HVLP is a classification of guns created by the government to reduce the emissions created by traditional conventional spray equipment. The basic rule of thumb is this method puts 2/3 of the coating on the substrate and 1/3 in the air.HVLP Guns use an efficient cap design (the cap is the piece at the front of the gun with "horns"). This cap design creates a high volume of air flow at lower air pressures (therefore the name HVLP - High Volume, Low Pressure) to create a fine, soft spray pattern (about 10psi) with high atomization. By using such a high velocity air flow through the air cap, HVLP is able to achieve both high transfer efficiency and low overspray (wasted paint in the air). 2/3 of the coating on the substrate and 1/3 in the air.Many people ask what their cap pressure is? This is not very relevant. By using the suggested inlet pressure by the manufacture, your gun, if marked HVLP, is supposed to translate its suggested inlet pressure into around 10 psi at the air cap. i.e. a 29 inlet pressure on some guns equate to 10psi at the cap while 44 inlet pressure on some guns equate to 10psi at the cap. It all depends how the manufacture decides to design their gun. So depending on the brand of spray gun, you will see a wide disparity of inlet pressures, but they should all equal 10 PSI @ cap.Besides, most people "cheat" and go as high as they can without splitting the fan pattern to get the most material delivery and best atomization - so your cap pressure generally is higher than 10psi anyway so don't worry about it - just don't do it when the EPA is looking... For those very particular people, we have and most manufactures offer air cap test kits, but they usually run around $50-$100.00. therefore does not recommend them due to cost considerations.Please note: There are way too many HVLP guns on the market. They are all not the same!At we have spent a lot of time researching the best most professional spray guns on the market. Due to popularity, the amount of HVLP spray guns out there is confusing at best! There are many cheap aftermarket HVLP guns not worth a penny and Turbine HVLP guns which we do not recommend. Some HVLP guns from China cost $10 and are sold by our competitors for $60.00 (you will never find such a gun here). All are called HVLP as a class like the word (car). But, as you know, there are bad cars and good cars on the road... Have no fear! at we only try to bring you the best of each class of "cars" (HVLP guns).
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