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1. The heating cable can prevent the freeze of the pipe and enable water to flow normally below 0℃. 2. The heating cable uses thermostat to save energy. 3. The heating cable is suitable for the metal tube or the water filled plastic pipe. 4. The heating cable is safe and the life is long.
·Single point connection ·Twin conductor cable ·Emits zero EMF (electromagnetic fields) ·Safety approved for wet locations ·Flexible installation ·Durable construction
.Energy efficient, automatically waries its power output in response to pipe temperature changes. .Easy to install, can be cut to any length(up to max circuit length) required on site with no wasted cable. .Lower installed cost than steam tracing, less maintenance expense and less downtime.
Electric Floor Heating Cable Systems combine the highest comfort levels with maximum energy efficiency. It’s a proven technology that's safe, reliable and energy efficient.
Top Wired, with Grounding Side Outlet Fits 3-1/4" and 4" Boxes 250W-125V Description / Type: PORCELAIN
660W-250V Fits 3-3/4" and 4" Boxes Top Wire Design Description / Type: PORCELAIN
250V Fits 3-1/4" and 4" Boxes Top Wire Design Two Piece Watts: 660W Description / Type: PORCELAIN
4-1/2" Diameter. Fits 3-1/4" Or 4" Box Size. 660 Watts. 250 Volts.