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DJ/DD/DL series Freezing Evaporator, Steel or Aluminum body, 1200-12000W Capacity
450-1800W refrigerant capacity, 2.5-10㎡ cooling area
Capacity ranges from 0.3kw-2kw, Temperature 0~8℃
300-780W refrigerant capacity, 1.5-3.9㎡ heat exchange area
1300-21000W refrigerant capacity, 7-105㎡ heat exchange area
Single and Double system, 20-500kw capacity, efficient inner grooved copper tube
With or without motor, heat exchange area from 2-210㎡.
5-12U, with or without bracket, can be customized upon your drawing
Norminal Capacity from 21.6-168KW, heat transfer is from 80 to 600㎡