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Plate Size:2-1/2" Temperature Range:-40~+60F/-40~+15C Capillary Length: 48"
Type:RT300 2,Case:stainless 3,Range:-20-+80F/-30-+30C Case:stainless Range:-20-+80F/-30-+30C
TJ4-1 Φ60mm 1500mm TJ4-2 Φ80mm 3000mm TJ4-3 Φ100mm 4500mm
Temperature Range: -40~40C TJ2-1 Φ60mm 1500mm TJ2-2 Φ80mm 3000mm TJ2-3 Φ100mm 4500mm
Stainless steel, 1% accuracy is available Stainless steel with plastic colored tube , easier for measurment. diffierent size of probe is available for OEM diameter:1" 0-220F or 0-100C