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Voltage:AC 24V. Can bear pressure:1.6MPA. Temperature:100C. Body material: Copper,Cast iron.
Application: control the temperature of piping and boiler. immersion thermostat with immersion rod and immersion sleeve, temperature setted by knob. Rating at 16A(4)/250V Operaturing range: 0~90C Switching Difference: 5C Immersion sleeve:φ8mmx100mm,ZG1/2"
High quality damper actuators have been designed for use with air damper, butterfly valve, characterized ball valve and globe valve with the use of special adapter.
2 point on/off control. Damper size up to 2.0m². Voltage AC/DC 24V and AC 230V available. Shaft dimension φ10...19mm/10...16 square. Anti-rotation bracket provided for stability. Customized version available. Adjustable angle of rotation. Selectable direction of rotation by reversing actuator. 2 adjustable SPDT auxiliary switches when requested. Energy saving at end stops. Actuators with 1m cable connection.
ILH500 electronics control ball valve is designed to regulate the flow, high reliability and life. It adopts PTFE graphite enhanced valve bady O-ring and double EPDM valve rod O-ring. Set Distribution butterfly valve, stands reverse pressure. Percentage flow close off is 13 bar. Rating working pressure is PN16. Maximum pressure drop: 3.5 bar. It has manual enforcement short circuit button. Working temperature is -5C to 121C. Application: water, steam or 50% glycol and water.