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Product Name: PVC Electrical Insulation Tape
PVC film, high-intensity, strong adhesive. Fire and heat resistance. Black and colorful.
Product Description

PVC Electrical Insulation Tape

A Grade(High quality) with Flame Retardant, A Grade without Flame Retardant, B Grade

1. Suitable for broad range of environments and applications.

2. Constructed with conformable, strong backing and blended natural rubber adhesive.

3. Premium grade products are achieved through increased thickness and enhanced elasticity 

   which provide for stronger, tighter hold when wrapped and greater durability.

4. Additional material changes to the adhesive system and vinyl film provide for tapes that remain 

    flexible, elastic and tacky even when exposed to climate extremes.

5. Premium grades provide superior protection when used as jacketing for low and high voltage 

    cable splices and repairs.

PETC-A18100.12MM x 18MM X 10Y

To be adjusted as per specific requirement.

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