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LT-2406 Suction Accumulator with Heat Exchanger

R22:[-18°C:6.3; 5°C:14.1]; R134a:[-18°C:3.2; 5°C:8.1]; R404A:[-18°C:5.3; 5°C:9.2]; Low pressure welding ODF:3/4; High pressure welding ODF:1/2; Overall dimensions(mm) D:140; A:33; B:28; E:80; F:70; H:293; M:M10; Cubage:3.5L

  • Description

    In air conditioning refrigeration systems, the refrigerant piping can be divided into two parts: high pressure and low pressure. The high pressure refrigerant, which has a higher temperature, needs to be cooled by a condenser. The low pressure refrigerant, after passing through the evaporator, requires a gas-liquid separation device to separate the gas and liquid state refrigerant. The liquid refrigerant needs time and temperature to evaporate and become a gas before it can enter the compressor, avoiding liquid compression to extend the compressor's lifespan. 

    The function of the heat exchange gas-liquid separator is to concentrate the two piping systems of high pressure, high temperature refrigerant that needs cooling, and low pressure, low temperature refrigerant that needs temperature increase into one container, facilitating the transfer of temperature between them. This allows the refrigerant that needs cooling to obtain low temperature, and the refrigerant that needs heating to obtain high temperature. After going through this heat exchange process, the system's efficiency will greatly improve, achieving better refrigeration effects.

    • U-bend design ensures maximum refrigerant flow and intercept the least oil.

    • Recommended in the evaporation temperature below 15 ℃ refrigerating device installed in the heat exchange gas liquid regenerator.

    • Surface coated with corrosion resistant epoxy powder coating.

    • Apply refrigerant R22 / everything/R404A/R404C/r114 / R507.

    • Maximum working pressure 3OBar

  • Product Specifications

    In the refrigerating capacity of the evaporation temperature,

    • R22:[-18°C:6.3; 5°C:14.1];  

    • R134a:[-18°C:3.2; 5°C:8.1]; 

    • R404A:[-18°C:5.3; 5°C:9.2]; 

    • Low pressure welding ODF:3/4; 

    • High pressure welding ODF:1/2; 

    • Overall dimensions(mm) D:140; A:33; B:28; E:80; F:70; H:293; M:M10; 

    • Cubage:3.5L

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