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LT-373224 Liquid Receiver Suction Accumulator with Heat Exchanger

Horse Power:5HP; Evaporation Temperature:5℃; High Pressure Container: Cubage:5.96L; High Pressure Container: Reservoir Cubage:3.2L;Low Pressure Container: Cubage:2.4L;High Pressuer Welding ODF1:3/8in; Low Pressure Welding ODF2:7/8in; Overall Dimensions(mm): D:159;d:122; A:33; B:45; L:60; H1: 60; H2: 280; H:385; F:/; E:/; M:M10;

  • Description

    Heat Exchanger Accumulator &Liquid receiver is a gas liquid separator and the heat exchanger of accumulator combinations. Can effectively control system has the function of liquid flow, can play a cooling ability, to ensure the best operation of the compressor.

    • Save energy, the old low pressure due to the drop of water waste liquid separation degree full recovery to the high pressure accumulator and enhance the degree of cold liquid, saves the electricity. 

    • Enhance refrigeration effect, because of the high pressure accumulator and low pressure in gas liquid separator of refrigerant in heat exchange, make the circulation of the refrigerant enthalpy value increases, when the evaporation can play to the largest cooling ability. 

    • Avoid fluid compressed to ensure that no liquid back into the compressor in compression.

    • No drop of water, heat preservation;No water lubrication, moldy stink pollution environment phenomenon. 

    • Save installation space, improve the whole machine is beautiful, and adding value. 

    • Can provide different designs according to the special requirements of the customers. 

    • Maximum working pressure 35 bar.

  • Product Specifications
    • Horse Power:5HP; 

    • Evaporation Temperature:5℃; 

    • High Pressure Container: Cubage:5.96L; 

    • High Pressure Container: Reservoir Cubage:3.2L;

    • Low Pressure Container: Cubage:2.4L;

    • High Pressuer Welding ODF1:3/8in; 

    • Low Pressure Welding ODF2:7/8in; 

    • Overall Dimensions(mm): D:159;d:122; A:33; B:45; L:60; H1: 60; H2: 280; H:385; F:/; E:/; M:M10;

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