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Programmable Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat
Sep 8th,2023




Temperature sensing element: NTC

Temperature control precision:±0.5°C

Temperature setting: 7~32%C

Display range: 7~32°C

Working condition: 5~35°C 0-90%RH

Key: Mechanical keys

Supply voltage: AC18~30V 50/60HZ

Consumable Power: <1W

Terminal block: 2 lines*1.5 mm2, or 1 line*2 .5mm2

Load limitation: 1A with resistant load; 1 .5A with inductive load

Shell: Fire-retardant PMMA+ABS

Dimension: 118*88*30mm

Installation: 60mm or 83. 5mm (standard)

Protection: IP30

DIY your smart home with the Longterm smart thermostat. Compatible with most residential HVAC systems and so easy to install—no common wire (c-wire) required in most applications. 

EASY DIY INSTALLATION: Use the built-in level and step-by-step app instructions for quick installation. Works with HVAC equipment found in most homes. Common wire (c-wire) is not required in most applications

FAMILIAR OPERATION: Looks, feels and operates just like a traditional thermostat

SMART MAINTENANCE: can help monitor the performance and efficiency of your HVAC system by delivering valuable usage reports, alerts about your equipment and maintenance reminders like filter replacement

MADE TO FIT: fits the same space as a traditional thermostat so you don’t have to patch and paint your walls

Smart alerts: features smart alerts to help detect extreme temperature and humidity levels in your home


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